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Polishing pads (15)

Polishing powders (4)

Mastic (52)

Epoxy gel (4)

Shiners (19)

Colour enhancer (11)

Sealants (26)

Cleaners (22)

Maintenance (5)

Abrasives for marble (8)

Collection Title

Brushes for marble (1)

Epoxy system for marble (24)

Nets and roving mat (0)

Wet look (8)

Scope of Work

Joint filling with mastics

Protecting walls from water with sealants

Filling cracks with epoxy system

Enhancing stone beauty by using various chemicals

Polishing the stone with abrasives or pads

Marble polishing in industry

Removing stains using cleaners

Strengthening the slabs and blocks by using nets & mats

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A one-stop shop for stone industry and homes

We specialize in supplying a comprehensive range of European consumables and spare parts for both natural and engineered stones. We cater to the needs of the stone industry and also provide a full range of products suitable for residential applications with the help of our experienced and dedicated team.


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